Cutting Edge Indian Technology!

Tonbo Imaging is an indigenous electro optics company that builds high fidelity night vision technology for combat soldiers, military vehicles and unmanned reconnaissance.

To meet the needs of night fighting and observation, India has been importing night vision technology from international manufacturers. Tonbo Imaging is India’s first indigenous designer and manufacturer of advanced electro-optics systems and one of the few in the world who can make high sensitivity thermal imagers. Tonbo Imaging builds uncooled thermal imagers, multi-spectral imagers and cooled thermal imagers meeting the size, weight and power requirements of modern war fighters.

At the Defense Expo 2014, Tonbo Imaging will be demonstrating some of the best in class thermal imaging, multi-sensor imaging and multi-function cores. Not only are these completely indigenous, they have outperformed imagers from global players in a few international programs.

For a peek into the future of defense imaging technology and an endorsement of the high tech defense innovation that happens in our country, VISTAS BHARAT invites you to visit Tonbo Imaging at Hall No. 18, Ground Floor, Stall 36.

Arvind Lakshmikumar; alakshmikumar@tonboimaging.comweb:


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