Visionaries in the Aerospace Sector

With more visionaries sprouting up in different pockets in India, the time has come now to implement new ideas. I am enclosing extracts of a paper proposing REFORMS FOR A DYNAMIC AVIATION PRODUCTION ECO-SYSTEM. Some of these were taken from Dr. R.K. Tyagi’s presentation at our High-Tech Forum – HAL.

Kudos to HAL for setting up an Aeronautical University.


More Indian companies are realising the need for IP creation

Until this happens, India will never get out of the morass of shrinking manufacturing sector, low-end exports with relatively low value addition, and falling global competitive advantage. Product Nation is also actively working towards creating Indian products and IPR.

Indian companies need to focus on IP creation

Money quote:

The “dream of exponential gains will be the next wave from India, says Krishna ‘Kittu’ Kolluri, General Partner, New Enterprise Associates Inc (NEA), that has committed capital to the tune of US $ 8.5 billion”….

The Truth Will Come Out! Boeing and Doctors Association endorses Indian IPR

We all know these attacks – against the integrity of India’s IPR regime are motivated. India must forge ahead to create its own high-tech manufacturing and industrial capabilities and prevent the further shrinkage of the manufacturing sector and jobs! I did not know it had shrunk further to only 15% of GDP. Domestic and external policies have to be geared towards promoting manufacturing in India. Countries like the USA, Germany, China and South Korea did not get where they were without indigneous R & D and promotion of manufacturing. It is good there are some voices being raised abroad on our behalf:

Doctors association slams US for pressuring India on pharma patent laws

“India has strong legal framework to protect IP: Boeing tells US trade body”

Biotech & Genomics, the new Technological Frontier

India can develop an edge in bio-technology & genomics, which is listed among the premier cutting edge disruptive technologies of the 21st century in McKinsey’s brilliant report “MGI Disruptive technologies – Advances that will Transform Life, Business and the Global Economy, May 2013“. The potential is mind boggling, and extends to enhancing computing potential, bio-fuels, gene technologies and read the report yourself please to see what I am talking about!

A bioscience and medical technology incubation facility is coming up in Bangalore, a wise choice as IT and biotech go together and this follows the optimising cluster approach . In any case everything is being digitised, going back perhaps to the original purity – numbers as the Real “Reality”. Alexandria Knowledge Park will be nestled within Electronic City.

China has a Medical City – the Taizhou High-Tech medical development zone. India is innovating too! The integrated concept – synergy between industry and R & D centres is being followed in both countries. Additionally, China’s medical city is near a port, so innovative medical products can quickly reach their markets. Further synergies with Research Universities, indigenous manufacturing capabilities and appropriate incentives need to be explored.

“We’ve come yet another step closer to harnessing the power of the Sun”

Some fantastic news! If we get to harness fusion power, we can solve the problem of energy and climate change at one stroke. The Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, a U.S. Federally Funded Research Centre (FFRDC), has been at the centre of this research. We in India need to understand how the FFRDCs produce such great results.

Fusion Experiment Achieves Key ‘Bootstrapping’ Effect Not One But Four Times

We’ve come yet another step closer to harnessing the power of the Sun. Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory report that they’ve successfully produced significant amounts of fusion by zapping a target with their high-powered laser.  And they haven’t done it just once”…but “at least four times since September 2013. …The researchers remain a long way from ignition — the “critical point” at which the fusion fuel feeds on itself to make more of itself — but they’re beginning to get the hang of how to create the conditions necessary for it to occur…”

Some good news too…

IIT-Kharagpur sanctions Rs.1.45 crore for green technologyWest Bengal,Science/Tech, Tue, 11 Feb 2014IANS

Kolkata, Feb 11 (IANS) In a bid to encourage its students to develop green technologies for the campus, the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur has sanctioned Rs.1.45 crore under its Innovation Challenge Grant.”

16 tech startups selected for Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Program’s latest batch” ECONOMICTIMES.COM Feb 11, 2014, 01.16PM IST

NEW DELHI: Microsoft Ventures in India has announced the final list of technology startups that will constitute the 2014 summer batch at the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Program in India. The 16 startups are Appointy, App Virality, Bookpad, Boutline, Imly,InstaSafe, IntouchApp, Metaome, Sliderule, Voonik,,Praxify, Thinxtream, Touchfone, ZingHR and Zoom.

Six of these companies, namely, Praxify, Thinxstream, Touchfone, ZingHR and Zoom, will constitute the newly launched Accelerator Plus Program

Microsoft Ventures in India has graduated 35 startups since August 2012

We can do it!

Indian startups are making big news. We’ve all heard of recent acquisitions of new -tech IT companies like Eyelabs and others.  It is interesting that many start-ups have been started by former employees of R & D Centres opoened by MNCs in India. This is a great development as it shows there is a trickle out effect of MNC R & D centres. We had been persistently advocating this including in our High-Tech Forum.  Shows that there is no stopping a good idea.

Big thanks to Product Nation and iSPIRT, first rate think tank and platform for the IT software industry and to the members of our Forum –Shri Sharad Sharma, Shri Avinasha Raghav, Shri Kunal Bajaj – for re-focusing attention on the need for Indian home-grown products with Indian IPR, rather than the body-shopping model which does not lead to indigenous innovation in the same way. This has forced other entities to focus on indigenous innovation and Indian products.  Indians are on the move!

But we still have a long way to go, as India still “has an abysmal record in creating software products — estimated to account for just $2 billion in the $100 billion Indian IT  industry”.

“Indian start-ups draw big clients, investors” Business Line, Feb 12, 201 Venkatesh Ganesh, Bangalore, February 11:

A new breed of Indian start-ups that stormed into the technology industry with innovative solutions is beginning to attract the attention of large enterprises as well as investors. Ventures such as Kayako Infotech, Knowlarity Communications and Seclore Technology stand out in the crowded IT world with their services, and now boast of Fortune 500 companies as clients….”