Sci-Fi Series “Intelligence”

Science fiction has often predicted what is going to come.  The TV series “Intelligence” is no exception with several interesting premises at the core of its pilot, vividly bringing to life what this Forum Vistas Bharat and similar others are about – disruptive technologies, the convergence between artificial and human intelligence (the Singularity), the technological race between geo-political rivals, etc., although “political” is a misnomer here and should be replaced by “technological”.  The pilot shows the Chinese and Americans ranged against each other in the struggle to control a radical new chip embedded within the neural network of an intelligence agent.  But the chip “evolves” inside the brain to produce a fascinating combination of human and machine intelligence.  It is therefore not just about connecting the human brain to the Internet, it’s also about the unpredictable outcomes of these disruptive technologies.  These are just first impressions and since I believe that Sci-Fi future maps as much as it entertains – those wanting to see what is in store for humanity and for artificial intelligence – could watch this show.

The image has been downloaded from the Internet.


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