Article: “This Year’s Defexpo Focusing on Domestic Indian Firms”


“[The] focus of Defexpo 2014 is displaying defense manufacturing capabilities,” said Gokul Chandra Pati, Indian defense production secretary…”

This article additionally highlights some of the main consequences of neglecting the development of indigenous capabilities, including the current account deficit, rupee devaluation, and impact on State budgets. According to classic macro-economic adjustment theory – such imbalances impel just such responses – towards greater domestic production and exports.

But these will not happen automatically in the long gestation, high-tech and costly defence production sector without further reforms in India.

The process should start with a deep overhaul of vision and policy – consign the Defence Procurement Procedures to history and replace them with the more modern, ubiquitously practiced RDA (R & D & Acquisitions) systems in the USA, China and other countries with a high-tech, indigenous defence production sector.

Basically, we switch from a cumbersome, leaking (there continue to be too many loopholes in the DPPs permitting imports), unnecessarily complicated 400 page + (!!@*&#) DPP2013 to a straightforward one documenting the steps between indigenous development of the weapons system to its assimilation into the national arsenal. These would encompass:

  • Conception
  • R & D
  • Conversion into a usable product (technology) and
  • Deployment.

Don’t let the above bullets fool you.  The US RDA is devilishly complicated and does not fit into a chart. So are RDAs of others, as they necessarily encompass a country’s systemic ability to convert resources into weapons systems. Which means it covers implicitly or explicitly – education, R & D infrastructure, procurement systems, Government incentives, industrial capabilities, and God knows how many other factors! Read on!

This Year’s Defexpo Focusing on Domestic Indian Firms Feb. 5, 2014  By VIVEK RAGHUVANSHI

NEW DELHI — Defexpo 2014, the eighth biannual exhibition showcasing land, naval and homeland security systems beginning here Thursday through Sunday, will focus on indigenous capabilities in line with new government procurement rules that favor homegrown weapons…”


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