Printing Cars, not just Parking them, in your Garage

With the Chinese Government’s support, China is poised to become the largest 3D Printing market in the world.  Just check the official website of the China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance and see how busy they are, learning, touring (not as in junket touring), adapting, applying…

A US company is going to print an electric car this September already and deliver it at the Chicago auto show.  This technology will reduce costs!

Our industry organizations – SIAM, ACMA, CII, and FICCI – may like to follow these developments closely as the Indian auto sector has so far been one of the more forward-looking manufacturing sectors in our country and needs to retain its competitive advantage.  We had learned at the University of California, San Diego’s Fourth Summer Training Workshop on the Relationship Between National Security and Technology in China (July 21–August 3, 2013; incidentally, they are holding another workshop this year, for anyone interested in understanding how our neighbor is approaching innovation, S & T, and defence production), that Chinese industry associations provide services and support for R&D in individual firms.  Our industry associations should also aim at performing these functions for Indian industry.


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