Waving the Magic Wand!

An Indian invention Rohildev’s RHLvision, which can help people operate gadgets through thumb/ hand gestures, funded through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo was invited to TechCrunch CES Hardware Battlefield in America to showcase the unique product.

Um, TechCrunch CES Hardware battlefield is not a battlefield, totally metaphoric, it is about supporting “the best hardware start-ups in the world”.

Here’s the other good news: RHLvision raised US$200,000 through Indigeogo, only the second Indian company to do so.

Hmm..a good place to go for tech start-ups from India struggling to make it. It seems a way around regulatory and other obstacles to setting up a “brick and mortar” company with embedded technology.

RHLvision has made waves elsewhere too, in Vienna to be precise.

Seriously, India is fast moving towards creating indigenous IPR in embedded technologies, something John Chambers had said India should gear up for, and I had quoted him in my work “2001 Can India Overtake China” as follows “The influential economic daily The Economic Times reported that John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, said this on embedded technology as the next frontier of growth as he exhorted India to take the leadership of the next IT – driven Industrial Revolution, during his January 2001 visit to New Delhi: “You don’t realise how many different areas the Internet technology would spawn. Every electronic device would be connected to the Internet. And each of these devices will have different software to run applications on them…”.

Product Nation in India is supporting tech start ups. It would be good if they joined up with such international platforms.

Never heard of TechCrunch before but glad I have now – everything about this event is about innovation, from the support of the world’s largest crowdfunding platform to the showcasing and rewarding of tech start-ups. Indigegogo is about making what you love and support happen, anyone can contribute to support a dearly loved cause.


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