How Green is my Valley (India)?

Along with high-tech, Vistas Bharat is dedicated to a green India.  A new startup Afforest has been launched to undo the damage of industrialization and grow new forests as fast as old ones are cleared away.

At the same time the European Investment Bank has tied up with India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd (IIFCL) to extend a Euro 200 mn loan for projects related to renewable energy and emissions reductions.  These initiatives will provide new opportunities for Green Entrepreneurs and keep the balance between a rapidly industrializing hi-tech India and nature.  Because at the same time as we seek to create an advanced economy, we also want to nurture the environment – to combat the frightening effects of climate change. The IPCC has just published its latest assessment of the damage we are inflicting on our blue and beautiful planet.

Some industrial houses have kept their promises, the huge world class Jamnagar refinery has been “offset” by more than a million fruit trees, which not only produce revenue but have also been credited with re-balancing the ecology of the region. More firms need to follow this example and not evade their obligations to the environment.


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