Science and Technology for the Society

India is rich not only in cultural values, heritage and knowledge power, but also in having tremendous sources of natural energy. Furthermore, in the last decade India has embarked on the development of Science & Technology on a Global Front. Nowadays, we are heavily dependent on technology for our daily routines, for example telephones, television, transportation…etc. Having one of the biggest knowledge pools in the world – which is acknowledged by the international community, what important is to utilize this rich source of the knowledge in a correct manner to empower the nation in the real sense.

Majority of the Indian population is stationed in rural areas and this rural community plays a vital role in the sustainability of the urban areas. Rural areas need basics like electricity, employment, food…etc. If the science and technology is adopted by our modern society, why not it can also be utilized to empower the rural sectors of the country?

Today, the daily consumption of power of mega and metro cities enjoy power is sufficient for under privileged rural and/or coastal areas for at least one week. The needless usage of technology by modern society is actually usurping the rights of our brothers and sisters in the rural areas. If we share the technology with our brothers and sisters in the rural community, we will help them to not only sustain but to live a quality life and enjoy the same comfort level which we have.

We have large coastal areas. Just like European countries, if the water turbines are placed across the coastal line, we can have continuous power supply generated through these water turbines and sufficient for coastal communities. The wind turbines should also be stationed at various places which can produce power that can be utilized to provide basic electricity to the villages. Also, many villages are now having solar panels and bio-gas plants for the purpose of providing electricity for street lighting.  New ways should be innovated by which the society – as a whole, can be benefitted. For example, I am a space scientist, so I will comment that utilizing space technology and remote sensing applications can be beneficial in monitoring the agriculture, urban planning, observing rich heritage of the country, health monitoring, preparing mitigation guidelines for the disaster risk reduction, telemedicine…etc. There are many more applications of the present technologies, in each sector, which can benefit the society, contributing in the development of the country.

The focus on utilization of Science & Technology for development will not only help to empower the rural sector of the country, but also create a greater impact as the growth engine for the development of the country. Also, this will trigger healthy competition amongst the states within the country to be the model state through development in education, growth of commercial activities and industrial development, strengthening the rural communities, showcasing the hidden treasure of rich heritage and culture…etc. Above all of these, the real actions in this direction will bring the communities together for the harmonious growth and the ancient adage – “Vasudhaiva Kautumbakam” will be seen in the country in real sense.

 – R. Ghadawala


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