Biotech & Genomics, the new Technological Frontier

India can develop an edge in bio-technology & genomics, which is listed among the premier cutting edge disruptive technologies of the 21st century in McKinsey’s brilliant report “MGI Disruptive technologies – Advances that will Transform Life, Business and the Global Economy, May 2013“. The potential is mind boggling, and extends to enhancing computing potential, bio-fuels, gene technologies and read the report yourself please to see what I am talking about!

A bioscience and medical technology incubation facility is coming up in Bangalore, a wise choice as IT and biotech go together and this follows the optimising cluster approach . In any case everything is being digitised, going back perhaps to the original purity – numbers as the Real “Reality”. Alexandria Knowledge Park will be nestled within Electronic City.

China has a Medical City – the Taizhou High-Tech medical development zone. India is innovating too! The integrated concept – synergy between industry and R & D centres is being followed in both countries. Additionally, China’s medical city is near a port, so innovative medical products can quickly reach their markets. Further synergies with Research Universities, indigenous manufacturing capabilities and appropriate incentives need to be explored.